Minutes for the November 4 Membership Meeting


Doulas Griffith called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Bishop Cory Wilson lead the prayer.



Ken Nealy read the meeting dedication for James E. Fenn on March 15, 1891.



Steve Benavidez with VFW.

Greg Travis with City Council

Mary Nan Huffman seeking council position for District G



Investigator of the Month: Kris Persad and Angelina Grimes

Patrol Officers of the Month:  Officer Travis Tippit and Alekesei Graham



The motion to accept the treasury report was made by Tom Hayes, second by Ken Nealy, motion carried.



Matthew Marin spoke on helping other departments with PTSD, has 501C and selling raffle tickets to help send officers to a camp to help them cope with PTSD.

HPOPS elections have started, make sure you vote.

Doug Griffith read the HOPU results of the runoff elections.

Treasury report on the tables for your review.

Make donation to Newport Beach Police Management Association to help support an Officer who was killed named Randy Parker Jr., they do not have a support system like the HPOU.

Fundraiser for Officer Jeffrey and Sgt. Vance tomorrow at the HPOU.

Vaccine mandate across the nation is out of control, Doug just got back from conference where departments across the nation are being required to get the vaccine and in Chicago if they don’t get the vaccine then they must be tested daily. Anyone in New York who has not received vaccinated has been relieved of duty. 42 cases had been filed trying to block the vaccine mandate and they have all lost, every employer has won to date.

Dan Levine has set up testing at the union for November 8, 2021. Also North, Southeast, and Westside will have additional testing for those officers not able to make it to the union.

Contract negotiations have begun, and the groundwork has been laid. Survey was put out last year on what to add to the contract and only 51 people responded. If you have suggestions, please email Doug Griffith. Once the contract is ratified it will be voted on quickly to stop any outside entities from protesting the contract.

Chief Finner agreed we should not be doing oral interviews on everyone; it should be reserved for more serious offenses and that has changed immediately.

HPOU is continuing to battle judges, they are still letting people out on bond that shouldn’t be. Continued issue with DA’s/Judges if you have any issues bring them to the HPOU.

PEACE yoga program on Wednesday at 4pm at the HPOU, everyone is welcome to join.

Family picnic is next weekend at the Oil Ranch, all-inclusive and will have dunk booth this year, will be fin for the whole family.

Staffing levels are Down and it will drop even more.

Social media- helps us spread the word

Online ID protection is another free service the HPOU provides.

FOP Lodge 110 – all active members are members of FOP

March 28, 2022, is the ATO Gayla.

CMC campaign, ATO Kendra Scott for November 05 and November 06, Enter code: GIVEBACK-AMILLO.

If you want to do Paws and Patrol contact Dan Levine.

Your city phone belongs to the city, keep personal information off it.

The DA’s office is trying to work on the long wait times for speaking to the DA to accept charges.

Healing crusade will take place in January.

Wills, see Fulton and Broemer or HPOPS.

HPOU covid testing will be on the app and pushed out.

HOPA is starting to receive more and more calls, if you see someone struggling reach out to someone on the board.

See Public Safety Financial if you are thinking about retiring



HOPA is starting to receive more and more calls, if you see someone struggling reach out to someone on the board, 832-200-3499.

HPOU App for your phone is now Updated, google play and the App store.

Next meeting is Thursday December 2.

HPOU Picnic, Saturday November 13, 2021.

See Public Safety Financial if you are thinking about retiring.









Doug announced the door prizes.


Doug Griffith requests to adjourn the meeting. Tim Whitaker made the motion. Second by Tom Hayes. Motion passed.


Minutes prepared by Shannon Barker

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