Minutes from the August 5 Membership Meeting


Doulas Griffith called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Ray Hunt led the prayer.



Ken Nealy read the meeting dedication for City Marshall Charles Baker who was killed in the line of duty on August 16, 1979.



Steve Benavidez with VFW.

Gregg Travis, law enforcement group council with council members.

Bob Bernard with HPROA

Adrian Gaspar with radio communications.



Investigator of the Month: Raul Munoz

Patrol Officers of the Month:  Officer Reeves and Officer Washington with Clear Lake Patrol.



The motion to accept the treasury report was made by Dan Levine. Second by Kawanski Nichols. Motion carried.



Doug advised there has been a lot of questions and phone calls about the mask mandate, which they believe to be an unlawful order. The HPOU has sent out a statement about the mask mandate being unlawful. No organization can require masks in a government or federal building. The HPOU believes a lawsuit will be filed by the Attorney General’s office for non-compliance. Ray Hunt met with Ken Paxton, and it is in the works.

Assistant Chief Baimbridge gives her well wishes to the department, The HPOU members thanks her for her unwavering support to officers and wishes her well.

Bob Bernard with HPROA thanks the union for their support, advises he is retiring as president and Chavez will be taking his place. He encouraged people to consider joining and running for the board. Emphasized the importance of needing new and younger people to support the organization to continue to provide insurance and pensions to retired officers.

Doug Griffith advised there is a survey going out to the department about vaccinations and no one is required to answer the survey. The department is seeking to collect statistical data on vaccination rate and employees.

Doug Griffith stated everyone should have received a 2 percent pay raise on their check.

The HPOU has advised the mayor they are ready to enter contract negotiations. The Texas Supreme Court will be making a ruling on Prop B, the Fire lawsuit. If it passes in the Supreme Court, the city will go bankrupt, and all city contracts mean nothing. Therefore the HOPU will continue to fight this.

Mayor adds 6th Cadet Class for the year.

There is continued problems and issues with the D.A. and judges on bond issues. Michael Berry highlighted a bail reform issue where a suspect was out on bond, newly arrested and charged with capital murder and receives a bond for capital murder. Ray Hunt called Whitmeyer and a blue warrant was issued for the suspect’s arrest within 30 minutes of it being aired and the suspect was arrested within hours.

Andy Khan continues to work on bail reform by providing bail reform issues on the news. Contact Doug Griffith if there is a case they need to know about on bail reform issues.

Wednesday night is Yoga night at HPOU.

ATO events are being held, there is a boxing event on August 21, 2021. Also, there is a Kendra Scott event on August 15th and 16th, all online orders who use code :GIVEBACK-AFFUUR will add 20 percent of the purchase price to the ATO.

Doug Griffith encourages people to get the word out, like and share information from HPOU on social media.

The HPOU mobile app has been updated and is out, contact Dan Levine with any problems or changes.

The HPOU offers ID protection, please sign up.

All HPOU members are members of FOP Lodge 110 unless you opted out, if you need your card they have it at the HPOU.

Doug Griffith reminds everyone city emails and city phones are open records so watch the communication on those and stay off Tik Tok, too many officers getting in trouble.

If you are your family needs a personal injury attorney contact Khirker/Garcia law firm.

If you need a will, contact Fulton Broemer, they provide wills to officers for free.

Please encourage officers in need to contact Peer Support, it is manned by retired officers to there is no obligation to report. Psychological services even refers people, so they are definitely helping officers and doing something right. If you know an officer in crisis Doug Griffith or Tim Whitaker is always available to help.

If you are thinking about retirement, don’t, the department is down 108 officers from this time last year. There is a 4 percent COLA for anyone who retires before April 2022, so they anticipate an increase in retirees.

The ATO Gayla will take place March 28, 2022.

Rhonda Williams did a great job praying for officers at the last prayer event and there will be another event praying for Officers on January 13th, 2022.

November 13, 2021 is the HPOU family picnic and will be rain or shine.



Next meeting is Thursday September 2.






Motion made by Tom Hayes to add Jesse Dang, Jessica Bass and all members of cadet class 249, second by Ricky Brasuell.



Doug announced the door prizes.


Doug Griffith requests to adjourn the meeting. Tom Hayes made the motion. Second by James Muchinski. Motion passed.


Minutes prepared by Shannon Barker

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