Minutes of the May 6, 2021 Membership Meeting


Doulas Griffith called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Bishop Corey Wilson led the prayer.



Ken Nealy read the meeting dedication for Officer Jerry Stowe who was killed in the line of duty on September 20, 2000.



Steve Benavidez with VFW.

Charline Floyd selling bricks for tactical village.

Jeanette Einkauf with Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association (CPAAA) to present award to Tim Whitaker.

Dedication of wall art to Jason Knox and all officers killed in the line of duty by anonymous donor.



Investigator of the Month: Officer Cimeni with Major Assaults.

Patrol Officers of the Month: Officer Borak and Officer Lopez with Northwest Patrol.



The motion to accept the treasury report was made by Dan Levine. Second by Ken Neely. Motion carried.



Douglas Griffith introduced Charline Floyd who is selling bricks for the tactical village.

Doug introduced Jeanette Einkauf with CPAAA to present the Lynn B. Clooney award to Tim Whitaker for outstanding police officer of the year. Jeanette also introduced the winner from last year, Officer Vincent Johnson who only got recognition through zoom due to COVID.

Doug showed appreciation for the wall art that was dedicated to Officer Jason Knox and other Officers killed in the line of duty by an anonymous donor.

Doug shares the work the HPOU has been doing to try and reach survivors of HPD Officers killed in the line of duty to attend the memorial on May 7th, one family they contacted had not received any communication from HPD since the funeral, which highlights the importance of the event. Tim Whitaker shared a personal story from trip to Austin’s Police Memorial for police week, which recognizes the officer killed in the line of duty and the importance of being there for the survivors.

At the scholarship breakfast the HPOU gave out 79 scholarships, which equaled $42,000 dollars.
Contract update information, will get 2% in July, waiting on contract negotiations to wait for better negotiating climate.

Doug spoke about the Mayor’s taskforce on police reform and there is nothing negative for police officers in the reform and there nothing to worry about. the Mayor supports the police. The Mayor has authorized 6th academy class.

Doug stated they are still doing the $2,000 drawing for those Officer who mentor someone in the academy.

Doug acknowledged there is some heavy-handed discipline that has come down, they are encouraging Officers to fight it and the HPOU will help fight the discipline if it is not appropriate. IAD now reports to EAC Jones and not to legal, which is a benefit for Officers.

Doug stated they have been working with AC Baimbridge and EAC Satterwhite on Education Based Discipline.
Doug announced the movie night had to be moved due to weather and will be rescheduled with a future date to be announced.

Doug repeated information about the Family Picnic that will be November 13th at the Oil Ranch.
Tom Hayes informed members about the die cast cars that will be for sale online and the Texas Axe throwing event that benefits police and firefighters.

Doug stated they are continuing to work with Andy Kahan on bail reform and the concerns with DA’s and Judges letting people out on bond for serious crimes.

Doug highlighted the bills currently in Austin and stated the current constitutional carry law cannot be supported at this time because it does not allow Officers to ask questions for someone openly carrying guns in public. If amendments change this then it the bill may be supported later. Qualified immunity will not pass and is no longer a concern.

Doug encouraged members to sign up for the free online ID protection and the free service for Officers to protect their information.

Doug stated all active HPOU members are with FOP Lodge 110 and members can pick up their card at the HPOU.

Doug stated you can contact Dan Levine if you want to take a picture with animals through BARC.

Doug encouraged Officers to stay off tic toc and only use social media to help spread the positive word about law enforcement.

Doug reminded officers city email is open records request eligible along with city cellphones.

Doug also stated for free wills contact Fulton Broemer or HPOPS and there is information/paperwork on the stage.

Doug advised currently the HPOU app is not available because of updates but should be available for download next month.



Doug reminded officers to be their brother’s keeper and contact HOPA at 832-200-3499 if someone is in need.

Doug stated if you are thinking about retirement to contact PSFG for free, no obligation financial analysis.

Next meeting is Thursday June 3.









Doug announced the door prizes.



Doug Griffith requests to adjourn the meeting. Tom Hayes made the motion. Second by Ken Neely. Motion passed.

Minutes prepared by Shannon Barker


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