Doulas Griffith called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. Ray and prayer.


Ken Nealy read the meeting dedication for Officer Louis Kuba who died in the line of duty on May 17, 1967.


Wesley Hunt running for Congress and Heather Hudson running for Harris County Judge.


Investigator of the Month: Reid and Barker

Patrol Officers of the Month: Randall Johnson from North Patrol


The motion to accept the treasury report was made by Tom Hayes. Second by Ken Nealy. Motion carried.


  • Discussions were postponed until after the meeting to talk about the required COVID testing from the city and several officers opposing the testing were present to discuss their dissatisfaction with the required testing mandate and hear plans as to what the HPOU is doing to fight the mandate.
  • Elections for HPOPS – Two open positions, position 2 and 4.
  • HPOU Elections – Start today at noon online and will end October 22, 2021.
  • Treasurer’s Report on tables
  • Reminder that minutes are at hpou.org
  • Mayor wanted to have a full vaccine mandate where everyone was required to get vaccinated. He then said there will be options for employees to either get a vaccine or test. The HPOU has been talking with several labor attorneys about the testing and vaccinations. Ken Paxton has agreed to file a lawsuit has not done so due to recent defeats. Today HPOU are filing a contract grievance on the testing, it should be on duty and be paid for by the city. Police departments around the state are losing the fight on employees not being mandated to receive COVID vaccinations and are being forced to be vaccinated. The HPOU will support any Officer who refuses to test and will fight with them. This will be a fight, the Mayor could turn around and require everyone to be vaccinated.
  • The city still has not completed the vaccination portal, no new information.
  • Sheila Jackson Lee and the free vaccines were to help people in the community, it was not about politics although about 25% of the department does support her, it was to help the community.
  • Cue’s burgers was burglarized and vandalized and is a big supporter of the police and there will be a collection to help repair the building and there will be another collection to get her cameras
  • Four Officers that were fired from Northeast were no billed by the Grand Jury and they are working on arbitration in January to get their job back.
  • Contract update we should be ramping up negotiations next two weeks
  • Staffing levels are down and will drop even more.
  • Mayor has authorized a 6th academy class, sadly only 41 Graduated out of 250.
  • Continued issue with DA’s and Judges if there are any issues bring them to the HPOU.
  • Fire lawsuit is headed to the Texas Supreme Court
  • PEACE – Yoga Events at HPOU every Wednesdays at 4pm.
  • Social media, help us spread the word
  • Online ID protection is another free another service provided by the HPOU, see Tom Hayes.
  • FOP Lodge 110 – all active members are members of FOP
  • For FOP members the National Police Credit Union is offering .99 percent on home loans for five years.
  • Family Picnic November 13th at the Oil Ranch
  • ATO Gala will be held March 26th, 2022
  • Public Relations campaign with BARC, pictures with animals-contact Dan Levine
  • Reminder that city email and city phones are all open records request eligible.
  • *Personal injury attorney or if family friends need to sue- Khirker/Garcia law firm
  • *If you need a will done, Fulton Broemer, will do it for free
  • Pink baseball hats for sale next door $10 for breast cancer awareness.

  • HPOU App for your phone is now Updated it is available on the App store and Google Play.
  • Peer Support is live: 832 200 3499 HOPA, please use this resource and get help.
  • Thinking of retiring? See PSFG for free, no obligation financial analysis.
    *Next meeting is Thursday November 4th

  • New Members- All of class 250, Victoria Serrato 165120, and Talal Al Tunsi – #163851
    Door Prizes/Adjourn- Motion by David Vasquez, second by Ken Nealy

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