National Police Week – May 10-17, 2019 – Washington, DC

Tom Kennedy, Editor and Heidi Hlavinka, Copy Editor/Designer
HPD attendees are, left to right, Carr, Williams, Sinclair, Hicks, Whitaker, McClean and Mr. McClean. Photo by Gary Hicks
Officer J. Robles and HPOU Board Member Tim Whitaker are all smiles with Carlos Vasquez, son of Officer Albert Vasquez (EOW 05/22/2001). Photo by Gary Hicks
Houston Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee posed with HPD’s uniformed contingent at Police Week ceremonies in front of the Nation’s Capitol. Photo by Gary Hicks
Houston’s finest stand out with the HPD patrol car restored by HPD’s own Jason Knox at our Nation’s Capitol during Police Week 2019. Photo by Gary Hicks
The entire Honor Guard at the Police Memorial Reflection Pond are, left to right: T. Jefferson, A. Ripley, J. Armstrong, R. Blake, S. Dau, M. Childs, N. Myers and T. Vo. Photo by Gary Hicks
The family of Kent Kincaid (EOW 05/23/1998), including Kincaid’s granddaughter (front and center). Photo by Gary Hicks