New HPOU app has everything an officer needs; Just click it and call it, Menendez-Sierra explains

Are you ready for a great free download? You got it! It’s the first-ever HPOU app for your cell phone.

2015 calendar book published annually by the Union for the benefit of its members.

All you have to do is download it on your cell phone by going to Google Play or iTunes, providing your payroll number and email address. You must be an HPOU member to get it.

Menendez-Sierra explained that from his earliest days as an officer he constantly referred to the calendar booklet for key basic information such as phone numbers for the various HPD divisions, using it “as a little Bible. ”

He said, “I noticed that the younger officers don’t even look at it and never carry it. They say they use their phone for everything. I thought that maybe we need to put that little book in a phone so everybody can use it. ”

It took about a year and a half to make this clever concept a reality. Menendez-Sierra said the Union used a local app developer, Softway Solutions, to create the software. Menendez-Sierra and HPOU 2nd Vice President Joe Gamaldi worked diligently on the content and even made sure the department’s DWI checklist was added, meaning that the app now contains more information than is in the calendar booklet.

“We expected to get 500 downloads the first month, ” Menendez-Sierra said, “but we had 500 the first week! Currently we have 650. ”

That number is expected to grow on a steady basis.

“Everything is in the calendar, ” he said. “You can keep track of all your stuff, all the phone numbers you need. Say if you needed B and T, all you need to do is click it and call it. ”