Notice: HPOU needs YOU for Jan. 26 Pray For Police prayer service at City Hall

Tom Kennedy

HPOU has set up a prayer rally for Jan. 26 from 6 a.m. until 2 p.m. designed to call further attention to the ongoing PRAY FOR POLICE wrist band crusade throughout Houston and the rest of the nation.

“We want as many officers as possible – each of them in uniform – to walk over to City Hall during the noon hour to pray for our city and its leadership,” 1st Vice President Doug Griffith said. “Council members will start their pop off session at 1:30 and we hope to get as many of them as possible to participate in this special prayer service.”

Officers who want to participate may stop by Union headquarters at 1600 State St. before noon to get organized. They also are invited to appear at any time during these listed hours as part of the PRAY FOR POLICE campaign.

The Union has already sponsored the issuance of more than 70,000 P4P wrist bands to Houstonians and others throughout the United States. At least another 10,000 are now available and will be provided to officers to hand out at City Hall and the surrounding downtown environs during the prayer trek to the seat of Houston city government.