November 1 Membership Meeting Minutes


Joe Gamaldi called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Rev. Corey Wilson led the prayer.



Ken Nealy read the meeting dedication for Officer Claude E Branon who was killed in the Line of Duty.



Terry Bratton and Ready from HPOPS. James Parnell-Treasurer DPA/lobbyist.



Sergeant Seymour, Officer Few, and Officer Harris from the Midwest Patrol Nights Division were presented as Officers of the month.

Detective Michael Zientek from the Kingwood Primary Investigative Unit was presented as Investigator of the month.



Joe informed the membership that the treasurer’s reports were on the tables.

Joe reminded the membership that meeting minutes are available on



Joe asked the membership to please contribute $5 dollars a month to PAC. Joe informed the membership that if they are unsure they can walk next door to ask questions.

Joe updated the membership on the fire fighter pay parity bill; pay parity would cost approximately $98 million dollars a year and over $300 million dollars the first three years. Joe urged the membership to get involved and spread information by sharing the HPOU’s Facebook and Twitter posts. Joe showed the membership the commercial that will be airing on television. For more information visit Joe reminded the membership that we are running out of time; please continue to inform people about Prop B and keep encouraging them to vote.

Joe informed the membership that there is no sweetheart deal of 10% if Prop B fails. Do not start believing these rumors.

Joe informed the membership that the Chief has approved No Shave November. Officers who choose to participate will donate $50 dollars to a local cancer research foundation, beards must be neatly trimmed.

Joe informed the membership that John Barnes, the retired HPD Officer shot in the Santa Fe High School shooting, informed him that he was saved by another Officer who placed a tourniquet on him. Joe reminded the membership how important it is to carry a tourniquet on their gun belt.

Joe addressed the membership about the recent epidemic of Officers drinking and driving. Joe reminded the Board that the Chief has a zero-tolerance policy for Officers who are caught drinking and driving and that there are several ways to avoid drinking and driving.

Joe informed the membership that the department will be adding 120 officers over attrition this year. Joe reminded the membership to help recruit for upcoming academy classes. Joe stated that the HPOU will be setting up a recruiting incentive by entering names of police trainee mentors into a drawing, one winner will be selected per academy class and will win $2,000 dollars. Anyone interested in joining HPD can text JOINHPD797979 to receive recruiting information.

Joe stated that hiring requirements have changed, laterals only need 3 years to join now instead of 5.

Joe announced the HPOU runoff election results.

Joe informed the membership that HPOPS elections are currently going on, please make sure to mail in or vote online.

Joe informed the membership that a Finance Class for Officers will be held at the Union on Thursday November 8th from 11:00am-1:00pm and 6:00pm-8:00 pm. Food will be provided.

Joe informed the membership that the FOP membership is full.

Joe reminded the membership that it is important to follow the HPOU on social media sites. There is power in numbers, and by retweeting/sharing HPOU posts we can control the narrative. Joe stated there are several instances where he has been able to turn a negative story about an Officer into a positive one through social media posts. Joe informed the membership to quickly advise him about controversial news stories.

Joe advised the membership to help share information by following him on Twitter (@JoeGamaldi) or following and retweeting the HPOU (@HPOUTX).

Joe reminded the membership that city emails are considered open records. Be cautious with the information and content you share on city emails.

Joe informed the membership that they only have 30 days to add a new baby to their insurance policy. If the paperwork is not submitted within 30 days, you must wait until open enrollment. Joe asked the membership to remind new parents about this policy.

Joe informed the membership that the Sherriff’s Department is having difficulties entering misdemeanor warrants in a timely manner. If an Officer has an important misdemeanor warrant they need entered they can call 713-274-5045.

Joe informed the membership that the District Attorney’s Office wants Officers to give them information on violent criminals at the front end of the case so that they can make an impact.

Joe informed the membership that the Family Picnic will be on Saturday November 3, 2018 at the Oil Ranch from 10:00am-08:00pm.

Joe informed the membership that the Sugarland Holiday lights are offering Officers a discount. A donation will be made to ATO when you use promo code ATO.

Joe informed the membership that the Shields of Christ Retreat will be from November 29th-Decemeber 2nd. Get with Officer Robles (832-584-1671) for more information.

Joe reminded Officers to take the physical agility test. If passed, Officers who were hired prior to 03-30-2011 receive $800 dollars and those hired after that date receive 40 PD hours. Starting July 2019, the PAT will be available for $1,000 dollars until the budget runs out.

Joe informed the membership that the monthly cookout will be on Thursday November 29th at the Southeast station.

Joe informed the membership that qualifications will now be on duty.

Joe reminded the membership to please wear their vests.

Joe informed the membership that if they need a personal injury attorney to contact Williams/Khirker law firm.

Joe advised the membership that if they need a will done to contact Fulton Broemer who will make you one for free.



Joe reminded the membership to download the HPOU application which is now available through Google play and the Apple store.

Joe advised the membership that HOPA the peer support group is live at 832-200-3499.

Joe advised officers that if they know of anyone who needs assistance to please encourage them to contact HOPA.

Public Safety Financial Group (PSFG) –Thinking of retiring go see PSFG for a free financial analysis. The analysis is valued at approximately $500 and there is no obligation to join PSFG.  Contact PSFG at 832-200-3440 for an appointment.

The next meeting will be on December 6, 2018.






Gustavo Garcia, Nancy De La Fuente, and all of Class 237.



Joe Gamaldi announced the door prizes.



Kwanksi made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Luis Menendez seconds the motion. Motion passed by a majority of membership.


Minutes prepared by: Norma Lazo, Assistant Secretary

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