Numbers tell the story of why Officer Alfredo Garza was named one of HPOU’s Investigators of the Month

Tom Kennedy

HPOU chose Officer Alfredo Garza as the Union’s Investigator of the Month for his highly-praiseworthy work as an undercover Narcotics officer.

Garza’s impressive numbers dazzled those present at the February general membership meeting. Those numbers told an awesome story of the officer’s work.

Sgt. Arturo Bazan, supervisor of Squad No. 9 of the Narcotics Division, nominated Garza for the monthly honor and described the officer as “new to the Narcotics Division” but he “has quickly shown leadership and proficiency for the job of undercover officer.”

The sergeant provided more than adequate examples, saying, “For the month of August 2018, Officer Garza has seized approximately 5.75 kilos of powder cocaine, 1.8 kilos of Ecstasy/MDMA, 1,200 grams of codeine, 18 grams of Xanax, 50 grams of THC resin, 45 grams of synthetic Cannabinoids, 21 grams of marijuana, 30 grams of Meth, five grams of crack cocaine and five grams of Ketamine.”

Furthermore, Bazan reported, Garza’s investigations have resulted in the arrest of 18 suspects, for a total of 32 charges (21 felony, 11 misdemeanor) and 15 Class C. In addition, Officer Garza seized $5,658 in U. S. currency and recovered four pistols, two shotguns and an AK47.”

In conclusion, Bazan said, “I cannot praise him enough.”