Officer Bice’s decisive actions thwart suspects’ body-dumping effort

Tom Kennedy

Officer Reagan B. Bice’s well-timed stop of a speeding vehicle on the Eastex service road resulted in the arrest of three home invasion suspects and the recovery of their victim’s body in their vehicle.

Bice’s actions succeeded in thwarting the efforts of the suspects to “dump the body” of their most recent victim.

The officer’s cool under fire and decisive actions resulted in HPOU naming him Patrol Officer of the Month at the Jan. 7 general membership meeting.

Bice noticed the speeding vehicle the early morning of Nov. 28 and carefully noted that it slowed down after seeing his patrol car. However, there must have been other factors involved in the driver’s reactions, for instead of stopping for Bice, he ran the light at the intersection of the Eastex and Greens Road.

“Officer Bice at this time attempted to stop the vehicle for the traffic infraction. The vehicle sped up and failed to stop,” Sgt. Alberto Elizondo recounted. “Officer Bice pursued the suspect giving calm instructions and directions over the radio.

“He pursued the vehicle until it pulled into the parking lot at 8103 Rankin Road The driver of the vehicle bailed out and ran away from the scene. Bice managed to keep an eye on the driver and pursued him a short distance.

“The officer was able to take the driver into custody while also giving out the descriptions and direction of travel of two other passengers in the vehicle who had fled the scene on foot. The responding units set up a perimeter and managed to take the other two suspects into custody due to Officer Bice’s clear and calm instructions over the radio.”

Then came an incriminating evidentiary find.

“Upon returning to the suspect’s vehicle, it was found that a dead body was located inside the vehicle. A brief investigation determined that the suspects were involved in a Home Invasion in Harris County earlier in the night in which the homeowner was shot and kidnapped.

“The suspects were looking for a location to dump the body when Officer Bice came upon them. It was later determined that these suspects were responsible for other home invasions in the county.”

Sgt. Elizondo praised Bice “for his diligent and outstanding work on the night of Nov. 28, 2015.”