Officer Cabrera uses hard work, dedication to arrest capital murder suspect

Tom Kennedy

Patrol Officer Erick Cabrera’s successful efforts in tracking down a theft suspect led to the arrest of a man who was also facing charges of capital murder. Cabrera’s persistence led to his being named HPOU Patrol Officer of the Month in the September general membership meeting.

This classic episode began on Aug. 14 of last year when Cabrera, of the Clear Lake Division, met with a complainant who met with the suspect, who was interested in purchasing a cell phone the complainant had for sale. While waiting on the suspect’s brother while at a convenience store, the complainant went inside the store only to see the suspect proceed to steal his car and the cell phone.

The suspect ran over his victim’s foot while trying to escape. The car was found abandoned a short distance away. But the cell phone was gone.

Cabrera worked with the suspect, got the number of the cell phone. “Through extensive research, the suspect’s identity was discovered,” Sgt. Carlos Lopez said. “Officer Cabrera created a photo spread with the suspect’s mg shot and the complainant positively identified him.” As a result, the DA issued a warrant charging the suspect with robbery/bodily injury.

On Aug. 23, 2017, Cabrera learned that the Homicide Division was interested in the same suspect in connection with a capital murder charge. He also learned the suspect was enrolled at the Houston Community College’s Middle College on North Drennan. On Sept. 27, 2017, Cabrera and a Homicide detective arrested the suspect at this HCC campus. He was later charged with capital murder and robbery.

Sgt. Lopez said, “The arrest is the result of dedication, tenacity and outstanding police work. Capturing this extremely violent and dangerous suspect safely is not an easy task. Officer Cabrera strives to improve the quality of community life through provision of superior police work.”