Officer Hunt’s ‘Jokes and Justice’ fundraisers promote community interaction, drug recovery

Tom Kennedy

Senior Police Officer Kevin M. Hunt has founded “Jokes and Justice,” a comedy and poetry showcase fundraiser. Hunt hosts this event twice a year at the Houston Improv.

Geared toward an adult audience, Hunt’s shows provide members of the local community with the opportunity to come out and enjoy great comedy for a great cause.

Since its inception, “Jokes and Justice” has made a major impact within the local community. The ultimate goal of this event is to promote social fellowship within the local community, including law enforcement agencies, businesses and community leaders.

Through his work over the last five years, Hunt said he and his co-sponsors have “had the pleasure of being able to provide over $50,000 in scholarships to deserving young teens, provide uniforms for local youth sports organizations, sponsor banquets for JROTC programs, along with a number of additional worthy causes that help to invest in our young people.”

He explained that “Jokes and Justice” is excited to collaborate with Unlimited Visions Aftercare and Patrick’s Project.  Unlimited Visions Aftercare (UVA) has strived to provide a highly effective treatment program in an outpatient and residential environment that meets the spiritual and physical needs of chemically dependent adults and adolescents on their journey to recovery.

UVA asked Hunt to join the Board of Directors due to – as UVA leaders put it – “his amazing leadership abilities and willingness to partner with us to help decrease recidivism rates by communicating the importance of being sober and living a healthy lifestyle.”

Through various partnerships with the business sector, Officer Hunt has been able to gain sponsorships to support community events.

This year the “Jokes and Justice” spring fundraiser was scheduled to be held at the Houston Improv on April 3. There will be several well-known local comedians, poets, media personalities and a special guest host, Deena Abdul.

There will also be a showcase that will feature some of the important work that they are doing within the city of Houston. This year three outstanding principals and two teachers from HISD and the Fort Bend Independent School District will be recognized for their outstanding leadership in the community and commitment to education.

Most importantly, all proceeds from this fundraiser will provide funds for scholarships, help support the Houston Explorers through a $500 donation, as well as fund the building of a state-of-the-art volleyball and basketball court within the UVA treatment facility. The new courts within the gymnasium will provide recreation for teens and adults as they work toward their recovery from drug dependency.

Hunt said, “This show creates a unique opportunity to break down barriers between law enforcement and the community and build bridges through laughter.”