Officer Miguel Guerra of Special Victims Investigator of the Month

Tom Kennedy

The HPOU honored Officer Miguel Guerra of the Special Victims Unit as Investigator of the Month in March for his expert interrogation techniques that resulted in charges against a grandfather for the continuous sexual assault of a child – his granddaughter, beginning at age 10 and continuing for at least two years.

Guerra got the assignment on May 21 last year. It involved a 13-year-old victim. Guerra quickly began working on the investigation, keeping a very thorough, organized and up-to-date offense report of the suspect’s actions.

“Officer Guerra worked diligently on the investigation, meeting with several witnesses to obtain statements and search for any and all leads,” HPOU’s Luis Menendez-Sierra said in his presentation of the monthly honor.

By last June 28, Officer Guerra conducting an interview with the suspect and obtained a full confession with a very detailed account of several sexual assaults beginning when the victim was 10 years old.

“During his interview the suspect admitted to genital-to-genital penetration and oral sex with the complainant at least once a month,” Menendez-Sierra said. “Officer Guerra’s advanced interrogation skills aided him in obtaining this confession that ultimately resulted in the suspect’s apprehension.”

The officer worked with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office to secure a charge of Continuous Sexual Assault of a Child. The suspect was placed in jail and – as Menendez-Sierra put it, “a violent sex offender is now off the streets of Houston.

Due to the hard work and dedication to his duties as a Houston police officer, the HPOU recognized Officer Guerra for outstanding job that falls directly in line with the Department’s mission, values and guiding principles.