Officer Roland Rosas Patrol Officer of the Month

Tom Kennedy

The Union named Officer Roland Rosas its Patrol Officer of the Month for his responsive actions to a shooting at a residence last Dec. 28.

Officer Rosas was working Southeast Patrol at the time but now is assigned to Central. This account was one of two connected to this monthly award to Rosas.

HPOU’s Luis Menendez-Sierra detailed the officer’s highly professional conduct and success when he responded to what turned out to be an aggravated robbery. Initially, he was unable to get any suspect information.

Witnesses at the scene could not provide any details and were not forthcoming with information even considering the incident occurred at their residence. Officer Rosas followed up with the complainant at the hospital and gathered more details on the incident.

“The complainant explained to the officers that he believed he may have been set up by the witness but was unable to provide details and provided an alias for the suspect,” Menendez-Sierra explained. “The complainant directed the investigation to a gas station near the location of the incident in search of the suspect.”

Officer Rosas, along with detectives from the Robbery Division, went to the location and were able to pull up video surveillance showing the suspect hanging out with the witness who had not been cooperative at the time of initial investigation.

Detectives were able to obtain an arrest warrant for the suspect and upon conducting further investigation learned that the witness had in fact arranged the robbery himself.

Knowing this information, Officer Rosas continued to visit the gas station hoping to find the second suspect. On Jan. 4

Rosas visited the gas station and found the second suspect. He began a casual conversation and obtained verbal consent to search his body.

“During the search, Rosas found what he believed to be marijuana bags in the suspect’s groin area,” Menendez-Sierra said. “Rosas detained the suspect for Possession of a Controlled Substance. The assigned detective then contacted Officer Rosas and informed him that he was working on a warrant for the suspect’s arrest and to file the second charge as well.”

The suspect was arrested for two felony charges, including the Aggravated Robbery.

“It is my belief that Officer Rosas demonstrated dedication to justice and an outstanding ability to follow through with intelligence gathered during investigations,” Menendez-Sierra said.

Furthermore, on Jan. 11, Officer Rosas was dispatched to a family escort call. Upon searching for the complainant, Officer Rosas observed a group of males in a remote corner of a residence through a gap in the fence. He noticed how one of the males had quickly grabbed his dog and jumped the fence to run towards an empty field away from the officer.

Officer Rosas’ then observed a bloody dog approach the fence as he stopped to investigate further. The officer realized at that point that he had just on-viewed a dog fighting ring. He quickly detained all parties present and continued to search for the male and dog that had left the scene.

Officer Rosas was able to locate a bloody injured dog tied to a tree in an empty field. Major Offender’s Animal Cruelty Unit went to the scene to conduct the investigation. Three suspects were arrested and charged with felony dog fighting. A total of 11 dogs and one horse were rescued on the property.

Due to his quick response and instinct to look beyond the surface of a simple action, Officer Rosas was able to stop an ongoing ring of dog fighting and felonious activity by the suspects.

Major Offenders commented how it is very difficult and almost impossible to find any suspects while still fighting dogs, yet Officer Rosas was able to arrests 3 suspects and rescue 12 animals. This instance is just one of many scenes that Officer Rosas has handled with due diligence and attention to detail, Menendez-Sierra pointed out.