Officer Shares Gift from Victim He Rescued

IMG_0598Pictured is a gift one of our officers received, and it is very near and dear to his heart. The reason this gift is so important is because it was given to him by a 4 year old girl that he saved from being sexually assaulted and trafficked. The disturbing details behind the story are impossible for a regular citizen to comprehend.

The beautiful, innocent 4 year old girl was being advertised on Craigslist by her father, so that appointments could be made to sexually assault her. This officer worked tirelessly to secure the location of the girl, and ultimately was able to arrest the father and save the 4 year old girl before any harm could come to her. This is exceptional work by our officer and a stark reminder to everyone, that there is true evil in this world, and sometimes we are the only thing that stands in the way of it!