Officers Estrada and Villarreal recognized for successful pursuit of domestic violence suspect with semi-automatic rifle

Editorial Staff
Officers Estrada and Villarreal are pictured here with Clear Lake Commander Matthew May at the October general membership meeting. Photo by Gary Hicks

The Union presented Patrol Officer of the Month awards to Officers R. E. Estrada and A. C. Villarreal for their work apprehending a domestic violence suspect who had narcotics and a semi-automatic rifle in his possession.

Furthermore, the suspect – who had threatened his ex-wife with assault – was wearing a tactical bulletproof vest at the time of his apprehension, which wasn’t an easy task. Once the two officers got the suspect’s description, they made the rounds at his apartment complex. The suspect ran when they ordered him to stop.

The district attorney took charges of felony in possession of a firearm and evading arrest.

Sgt. Anthony Gonzales, who nominated the duo, praised Estrada and Villarreal for “their professionalism and actions taken during this incident. Their diligence resulted in the arrest of a violent suspect.”