Officers Krantz and Ware honored as Patrol Officers of Month

Tom Kennedy

On Feb 20 of last year, Officers Shane Krantz and Ryan Ware conducted a traffic stop in the 1400 block of 34th Street, little knowing that they would soon encounter a dangerous felon who was not willing to go back to jail.

As Officer Krantz was dealing with the driver of the traffic stop, Officer Ware approached the front passenger. Ware had the passenger exit the vehicle when the suspect immediately pushed off and began to run away.

Krantz and Ware were able to take the suspect to the ground, but he continued to actively fight both officers. Ware struck the individual with his flashlight, a tactic that proved to be ineffective.

While the officers were on the ground wrestling with the suspect, he attempted to take Officer Ware’s pistol out of its holster.

Fearing for his life, Ware attempted to roll over onto his holster to secure it, but was unsuccessful. At this point, Ware felt his only option to keep the suspect from taking his pistol was to bite him on his shoulder.

When Ware put the bite on him, the suspect released his grip from the pistol. But he continued to swing his fists wildly at both officers, ripping the radio and lapel off Krantz’ shirt. The suspect then broke free and attempted to run away from the officers.

They gave chase and the suspect was eventually struck with a ced. The suspect was then taken into custody.

The suspect was arrested for attempting to disarm a police officer, patrol violation, evading arrest and possession of narcotics.

HPOU 2nd Vice President Joe Gamaldi presented the honor to the officers, saying, “Due to their drive and deep commitment, Officers Krantz and Ware have distinguished themselves by apprehending a felon under dangerous circumstances. They are an asset to the Houston Police Department and should be recognized for their effort.”