Officers Ruben and Jones Disarm Suspect Armed with AR-15

Tom Kennedy

The actions taken by Officers A. Ruben and N. Jones of Northeast Patrol very likely saved the lives of dozens of patrons at a night club where the officers worked an extra job. They shot and disarmed a male armed with an AR-15-style assault rifle before he could open fire.

It happened shortly after the 2 a.m. closing time when the officers were directed by some patrons to a possible assault scene outside on a parking lot.

Checking around, the officers were unable to identify a suspect. As they resumed clearing the parking lot, they heard a commotion behind them and turned to see club patrons beginning to run away frantically.

They then turned in the opposite direction to see what was making the people run and observed a male moving quickly toward them in the parking lot.

The male was armed with an AR015-style assault rifle, which he was holding in front of him in a low-ready position. The officers immediately drew their firearms and began ordering the male to drop the gun.

At that time, the male made direct eye contact with Officer Jones. Instead of dropping the weapon, however, he raised it up and began lining up the sights. It was clear to the officers tha he was about to either shoot at Officer Jones or at the mass of people behind him.

Both Jones and Ruben opened fire on the suspect before he could fire a shot. After firing multiple times, the officers saw that the suspect was hit. He fell to the ground, dropping his rifle.

The officers were able to secure the firearm away from the suspect, who remained on the ground but conscious.

Named HPOU Patrol Officers of the Month in the Union’s February general membership meeting, Officers Jones and Ruben were credited with saving the lives of numerous club patrons that night on their extra job.

Working with the Union, Papa John’s Pizza – emphasizing its desire to honor HPD heroes – will supply dinner for the night shift at Northeast, where Ruben and Jones are assigned. HPOU President Joe Gamaldi announced this honor at the February meeting.