Officer’s Son: Young JW Aguirre – who’s only 11 – already a champion Shooter bound for many bull’s eyes in a promising future

Mike Ybanez

When “JW” Aguirre’s father took him hunting near Del Rio at the tender age of eight years old, he attempted to teach his only son the finer points of shooting and hunting tips that only a father can provide.

After some time, young JW told his dad, “I got it, Dad. No worries.” Soon after, a good-size hog entered JW’s sights and, true to his young word, he got it. He dropped that hog and both father and son relished in the joy of JW’s first successful hunting experience.

The Officer’s Son

In a humble bit of truthfulness, JW remarked, “I forgot about the scope and ended up with scope eye but I was happy anyway.”

Five hogs and numerous deer later, JW still likes to hunt with his dad but this experience led Narcotics Investigator Jesse Aguirre to see something quite remarkable in his son. “I noticed that JW didn’t get nervous or anxious when he would shoot. He was just a natural and had remarkable breath and trigger control.

“I’ve had JW in a blind since he was three years old, so he has been around guns and hunting pretty much his whole life.”

JW’s experience with a rifle soon led to his dad entering him in local shooting matches in the Houston area and JW began shooting USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) sanctioned events in September 2014 with a Glock 17, 9mm, because that was the closest pistol they could find to qualify with and would fit into young JW’s small hands.

“I couldn’t really reach the magazine release button well so I learned to cant the pistol and hit the release with my left hand instead,” young JW said.

He still uses this tried and true method today because “it works for me.”

Works indeed. Now 11 years old, JW switched his primary pistol to a SW eight-shot revolver in July 2015 “because the revolver is more challenging and I wanted to see if I could master it and then come back the Glock,” JW said.

“I entered my first match and it took off from there. I competed against adults.”

JW related that in some of his first matches, they had to get a stool or a box to enable him to see over the barriers!

Father Jesse could see the potential in young JW and he pays a world class shooter in the Pearland area to work with JW one-on-one shooting upwards of 300 rounds a session and the dividends have paid off. Young JW is often the subject of shooters’ blogs and Youtube videos under his name.

One video is titled “Nine-year-old shoots like a Boss!!” and, true to form, young JW fills up the screen with speed and repetition and confidence, rarely missing a needed shot and reloading so fast you sometimes have to rewind the video to see what how he does it.

For experience, JW attended the USPSA Junior Camp in Thibodaux Louisiana in November 2014 and did quite well by his own regard.

JW shoots Revolver and Production class for now but has his sights set on shooting Open class division someday soon.

In May 2015 he competed at the Cowtown Classic in Cresson, Texas, followed by the Double Tap match in Wichita Falls, where it rained and put a damper on some shooters but not JW, who did quite well despite the give-up attitude of some of the hundred other contestants, some of whom went home.

Doesn’t Give Up

These matches were followed by the USPSA Area 4 Championship match again in Cresson. This is a national competition and some shooters traveled across several states to compete and young JW “is like a rock star,” according to his dad, attributing the notoriety to the blog and YouTube videos.

JW walks in full of confidence and they all shout out, “Hey, JW!” and complete strangers will high five him. The match director for Area 4 Championship match attempted via email to talk JW and Jesse out of shooting the revolver because of the skill level needed for this particularly tough match.

But JW would have none of that. He stuck to his gun, so to speak, and told Dad, “I’ll stick with my revolver, Dad.” He did quite well despite the 90-degree heat that took its toll on JW and Dad alike “but he never quit and I was quite proud of him for that,” the elder Aguirre said.

When faced with a tough situation such as remembering the shooting sequence of targets, young JW will tell his dad, “I got it” and he will figure something out in his young mind that works for him and ended up amazing both dad and onlookers as he attacked each target with a professional’s mindset and the confidence and mental toughness to achieve his peak performance.

Both dad and son were quite happy with his performance since there were approximately 500 competitors and JW accomplished all of his personal goals in the match. “That was one of my favorite matches,” JW said.

It was this mindset and confidence that allowed him to win top Junior Shooter and place first overall in his most recent major shooting match, the Gator Classic back in Thibodeaux, Louisiana.

JW does hours of dry fire and reload and practices engaging targets to stay in practice and enhance his shooting skills with muscle memory.

When was the last time any of us did this despite our lives depending on it?

Out of the blue, Dad Jesse started getting calls from New Jersey and ignored the calls at first but finally decided to answer his phone about the fifth time around. It was the president of Ibejiheads Coated Bullets that had met JW at a prior match. He had followed his progress and told him he wanted to help JW – and ended up becoming a sponsor.

He gives a discount on projectiles only because Jesse reloads all of JW’s specialized ammunition, which isn’t quite match quality but specialized solely for him nonetheless.

As for his future goals, JW was introduced to the shooting team at Texas A &M and has his sights set on being on the Corp of Cadets Shooting Team one day and even received a personal invitation from the leader of the team for tryouts when he becomes college-aged.

Not surprisingly, JW is a straight A student at his school and is a member of South Park Baptist Church in Alvin. Beyond this, JW expressed interest in becoming an attorney for Glock or Smith Wesson because he sees America’s gun rights as an important privilege which needs to be protected in the current anti-gun climate.

Follow JW on YouTube and be ready to be amazed at this remarkable young man who hits his targets both on the range and in his personal life. Go JW!