Officers Stepp and Powell apprehend capital murder suspect, Named HPOU Patrol Officers of the Month for May

Editorial Staff

Officers Jordan Stepp and Eddy Powell have been selected HPOU Patrol Officers of the Month for May for their steadfast work apprehending a man accused of capital murder.

Ofc. Jordan Stepp (left) and Eddy Powell (right), Patrol Officers of the Month for May.

Here are the details of what happened and how Stepp and Powell apprehended the suspect.

On Sunday Feb. 9, just before midnight, a capital murder occurred in Southeast Houston within 14D30’s beat. The southeast units on the scene made a general broadcast over the police radio indicating that the suspect was possibly headed toward the Clear Lake patrol area.

Officers Stepp and Powell contacted the southeast units over the cell phone in order to obtain more information about the suspect. Officers Stepp and Powell were advised that the suspect had a brother who resided from an apartment complex off Fuqua Street with the letters “S” and “H”, but did not know the exact location.

Both officers then began the process of elimination in an attempt to locate the apartment complex containing these two letters. Officers successfully narrowed it down to the Sage Hollow apartment complex located at 10700 Fuqua Street.

The officers then took initiative and set up surveillance across the street in case the suspect arrived at the complex. About an hour later, on Feb. 10, 42 minutes after midnight, their perseverance paid off when they saw the suspect driving up in the stolen vehicle he had taken at gunpoint.

Officers advised Dispatch over the radio that they were going to conduct a felony traffic stop on the vehicle. The officers were able to make contact with the armed suspect and began giving commands to exit the vehicle.

After a brief standoff, Officers Stepp and Powell were able to talk the suspect out of the vehicle and take him into custody without incident.

Officers Orellana and Khalid provided security with their duty weapons drawn on the vehicle while Stepp and Powell took the suspect into custody. The officers then took immediate action and rescued a kidnapped female from inside the vehicle, preventing a possible hostage situation.

It was later learned that the female was dragged out by her hair at gunpoint from inside the apartment. The suspect then hijacked another victim’s car at gunpoint and fled the scene.

The officers also recovered a pistol that the suspect had dropped on the ground as he opened the driver’s door. A second pistol was discovered in the back seat of the hijacked car.

The suspect was subsequently arrested and charged with Capital Murder, Aggravated Kidnapping with a Deadly Weapon, and Aggravated Robbery with a Deadly Weapon.