OIS Training Information

For those of you interested in addition training in investigating OIS, see below:

CTI teaches to the PERF standard on many items with regards to decision-making and reaction times. We present RT in a manner that teaches officers to keep their distance to avoid an OIS. We teach DM and Stress Management to create better decisions in high stress situations. In many ways, we do exactly what many police reformers are talking about – we just do it in a reasonable way that still ensures officers maintain awareness of their own safety as well. We provide case law in CA that tells officers they need to be more cautious during engagements and UOF – that they are being judged on pre-event decision-making and not solely on the Graham Standard. These are the ‘new reformer’talking points that are overwhelming discussions at the upper levels.” ~ David Blake, M.Sc, CCI, Lead Instructor, CTI

NOTE: The Houston Session has been moved to the Houston Police Officers Union Building at 1600 State Street, Houston, TX 77007.


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