Past Clooney Award Winners

Andrea Schmauss

Previous Recipients of the Lynn Clooney Award


2016    Sgt Melissa Holbrook

2015    Ofc Suzanne Hollifield

2014    Sgt James B. Luplow

2013    Ofc Javier A Calvillo

2012    Sr Ofc James E Tippy

2011    Ofc Syed U. Bukhari

2010    Sr Ofc Ana Gorham-Maki & Sr Ofc. Jose Duran

2009    Sr Ofc David E Freytag

2008    Sr Ofc Paul Lassalle

2007    Lt Richard Rekieta

2006    Ofc Emma Rodriguez

2005    Ofc Erik ter Meulen

2004    Ofc Keith Roy

2003    Ofc Harold D Bohn, lll

2002    Ofc Catherine Y Gardner

2001    Ofc Stanley W Schuman

2000    Ofc Robert “Tiger” Matthews

1999    Ofc Daniel Saenz

1998    Ofc Lawrence Smith

1997    Ofc Thomas Martin

1996    Ofc Rick Sepolio

1995    Ofc Ted Bell

1994    Ofc Stephen Robinson

1993    Ofc Luis S Ballesteros