Persistent Detective Persad honored as HPOU Investigator of the Month

Tom Kennedy

The HPOU honored Detective Kris Persad as Investigator of the Month in the September general membership meeting for his dedication in tracking down a suspect caught on video trying to strangle a female victim at Memorial City Mall on Feb. 25.

Persad and two other officers were able to view the security video of the entire event and use the HPD Photo Lab’s help in printing pictures of the suspect, who is seen on the video “violently attacking the female complainant by punching, strangling and stomping on her head while she lay on the ground helpless and unconscious.”

The suspect escaped on a Metro bus.

The detective distributed the photos sat roll calls. With assistance from the Metro police he determined where the suspect got off the bus he used to vacate the scene of the crime.

On Feb. 28, just three days after the crime was committed, patrol officers notified Persad that they had seen the suspect in connection with a mental health call on the west side. A short time later Persad had an arrest warrant from the Harris County District Attorney’s office and arrested the suspect.

His sergeant, Karl Mokwa said, “Detective Persad’s persistent work and due diligence to identify this suspect was pertinent to having this violent and dangerous suspect identified and arrested.”