Promote the Positive Houston police to offer snow cones to youngsters in poor areas

Every day seems to produce positive ideas from men and women of faith who believe in Houston police officers and the job they perform every hour of the day.

Recently, HPOU Board Member Tim Whitaker heard Dr. Ed Young, pastor of the Second Baptist Church of Houston, talk in a sermon about the positive results that came from taking a snow cone machine into a low-income section of the city. The positive gesture enabled the pastors to share the Word of God.

“Dr. Young and the pastors went to a low-income housing project and gave away ice cream,” Whitaker explained. “In these crazy times I thought it might be a good idea so these kids can see that police officers do something besides arrest mom and dad.”

So the HPOU revised the idea somewhat and is sponsoring a snow cone vendor that its uniformed members will be taking to the low-income sections of Houston. “We’re going to give away snow cones,” Whitaker said. “It’ll be for little kids or anybody, really.”

Whitaker scheduled the first HPOU-sponsored snow cone outing for Tuesday, Oct. 13, beginning with a meeting of participants at 1 p.m. at the Union. From there the group will go to four low-income apartment complexes on the Southeast side. The locations are 5900 Selinsky, 5638 Selinsky, 3800 Faulkner and 8100 Leanora.

“We want these kids to have the positive experience of getting a free snow cone from a police officer,” he said. “We are going to the areas of town where they might not be able to afford the luxury.

“HPOU will pick up the tab. We can hug them or shake their hands so that the next time they see a police officer they might not be so fearful. We’re just trying to show some positive light on police officers in this area.

“Maybe snow cones will give us a better chance with these young people than the criminal element gets.”

Police Chief Charles “Chuck” McClelland has authorized marked units to make appearances at the specified times and locations set up by Whitaker and other coordinators.

“We are hoping it turns out to be a really, really, really positive thing,” Whitaker said.