Psych Services hosting family engagement Session on Sept. 20 at the Union Building

Tom Kennedy

Two psychologists from HPD Psychological Services will lead a department-wide family engagement session for HPD family members on Sept. 20 with an emphasis on ways to cope with current community attitudes toward law enforcement officers.

The meeting will be from 6:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. at the HPOU building.

Dr. Lisa Garmezy of Psychological Services told the Badge & Gun the session is a part of the Command Staff’s concerns about the effects recent tragedies involving police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge might be having on officers’ families.

Dr. Stephen Tate, head of Psychological Services, will be on hand along with Dr. Garmezy to field questions from the HPD family members in attendance.

“The department wants to reach out to HPD families to allow them to express concerns about these recent tragedies and ask questions about coping with violence against police officers,” Garmezy explained.

“One question we’ve gotten is: What do you tell kids about the dangers of the job and the current policing conflicts in some communities around the nation. This is just one of the topics we want to cover. There are many others and we look forward to addressing them.

“We think this a valuable opportunity for people in the HPD family to learn who we are and that we are there for their wellbeing.”

Assistant Chief Mattie Provost, a leader in this HPD family-oriented effort, will be present along with other members of the Command Staff.