Reconstituted HPD Midnight League ready to burn Midnight softball competition in upcoming Season 3

Amanda Day

The first two seasons of the relaunched HPD Midnight League are now officially in the books!

Competing stations and divisions included North, Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, Eastside, Midwest, Clear Lake, Narcotics, South Central and Special Operations. We played on Tuesday nights between 11:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. in  Memorial Park.

The first two seasons were full of surprises for players and spectators alike; Season 1 was what I like to call our “test season.” With 10 teams on the roster we were only able to accommodate one game per night for each team. The season got off to a great start until the most unwelcome of all houseguests arrived – his name was Harvey.

The league took a two-month hiatus to allow officers to work their mandatory shifts, then take some time off to be with family. Our return to Memorial Park also signified our return to normal.

Of the 10 teams we had four finalists in our playoffs. Thanks to our Harvey hiatus we were playing into mid-December in a crisp 47 degrees and what this Texan considers to be subzero temperatures.

The placing teams were: Northeast (4th place), Special Operations (3rd place), Southeast (2nd place) and Narcotics (1st place).

By Season 2 we had worked out the kinks a bit and were able to accommodate a double-header for each team that was playing each week. This was a welcome change and something that we’re continuing into our third season.

Season 2 was slightly less dramatic as we weren’t trying to survive a catastrophic rain event, but it still delivered a few surprises. That’s what makes softball great, isn’t it? Regardless of the makeup of your team, on any given day any team can take the field and blow away the competition.

The Season 2 placing teams were: Narcotics (3rd place), Northeast (2nd place) and Southeast (1st place).

If season’s 1 and 2 are any indication, then Season 3 is sure to be deliver.

Season 3 begins on Sept. 4. We’re currently still accepting teams. If you’d like to organize a team at your station or division, please email Amanda Day at