Robbery & Theft detective awarded Investigator of the Month for her efforts to bring Hurricane Harvey looters to justice

Tom Kennedy

Detective Dana Wyche of Burglary and Theft Northeast Squad, was selected as one of HPOU’s monthly Investigator of the Month award winners.

The recognition came in the April general membership meeting with Lt. Johnny Gonzales doing the honors before the HPOU membership.

Lt. Gonzales made it clear why he thought Detective Wyche deserved the award.

“Detective Wyche was tasked with investigating numerous looting incidents that occurred during Hurricane Harvey,” he explained. “She concentrated her efforts in the area of Homestead and Tidwell which had experienced a high number of burglaries during the devastating storm.

“Detective Wyche created a master case number linking the looting incidents in that area. She worked diligently in investigating all available leads and tracking down individuals who were responsible for the looting.

“Detective Wyche’s efforts led to the apprehension and charges of four individuals and the recovery of over $9,400 in stolen property.”