Sgt. Wilson and Officer Wilabay take quick action To save the life of officer attacked by pit bull dog

Tom Kennedy

HPOU honored Sgt. G. Wilson and Officer L. Wilabay as Patrol Officers of the Month for effectively saving the life of a fellow officer who was suffering from accidental gunshot wounds while trying to defend himself from an attack by a vicious pit bull dog.

The incident happened on June 20 when Officer A. Lyons responded to a theft call in the 7000 block of Kittridge. He encountered a young woman talking on a phone and observed a white trailer at the back of the property. He followed the woman toward the door of the trailer.

“Officer Lyons observed a damaged dog cage adjacent to the trailer,” Lt. Joselyn Johnson said at the presentation during the HPOU’s December general membership meeting. “Officer Lyons could hear the dog growling and barking and asked the female if they could put him away.

“After several seconds, this pit bull charged Officer Lyons, knocking him to the ground.”

The officer drew his duty weapon and fired several shots, striking the dog, causing him to run off. However, the officer found that his leg was bleeding profusely. He quickly notified Dispatch that he needed a tourniquet for what he thought was a dog bite.

Sgt. Wilson and Officer Wilabay soon arrived at the scene and found Lyons pale and losing consciousness. The sergeant removed the officer’s boot and applied a department-issued tourniquet to stop the bleeding.

The sergeant and the officer determined that Officer Lyons had accidentally shot his right leg while trying to shoot the attacking pit bull, Johnson said. “The sergeant and the officer stopped the bleeding from the gunshot wound, pending the arrival of HFD.

“Officer Lyons was transported to the hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery due to the actions of Sgt. Wilson and Officer Wilabay.”