Sno Cone team puts hot crime on ice In high-call-for-service apartments

Tom Kennedy

The HPOU Sno Cone team strikes again!

The Union continued its special community outreach effort by serving sno cones to the kids living in one of Houston’s highest call-for-service apartment complexes.

This month the crew went to Westside and the Sugar Branch Condominiums at 10110 Forum Park Drive.

“The purpose was to go out there, meet and greet some of the kids and some of the residents so they can see a different side of a police officer,” project coordinator Tim Whitaker said.

“We weren’t checking driver licenses or anything like that, just giving out sno cones.

“We thought it was good for the officers and good for the residents of the complex.”

However, Mother Nature intervened. Rainfall hampered attendance somewhat despite the fact that the high-profile HPOU tent was sturdily in place.

Whitaker said the sno cone team is already planning its next venue for the later summer or early fall.