Special Moment for Father and Son

Badge and Gun Staff

On May 15, officers of the HPD Dive Team responded to a tragic event in the 3600 block of Memorial Drive, near downtown.

On the evening of May 13, a citizen lost control of his vehicle and plunged into the swift waters of Buffalo Bayou.  Dive Team members responded and attempted to recover the body of the citizen.  Officers were unable to safely dive the scene due to the dangerous current and were forced to wait until the morning of the 15th for conditions to improve.

Veteran Dive Team member Glen Mayo was assigned as primary diver on the scene and rookie Dive Team member Alex Mayo was tasked with the job of secondary diver.  After a lengthy search, Glen was able to locate the vehicle.   The father and son team worked together to secure the vehicle and have it pulled from the bayou.  By working together under difficult conditions, they were able to recover the vehicle and the citizen, bringing closure to friends and loved ones.

This tragic event provided the stage for a first in the history of the HPD Dive Team.  The father and son team logged their first police dive together.  Glen, a 25-year veteran of HPD, assigned to Airport K9, has been a volunteer member of the Dive Team for 12 years.

Glen also worked a four-year stint as a full-time Dive Team member.   Alex, a three-year HPD officer, is currently assigned to South Gessner night shift.  Alex was selected this year to be a volunteer member of the Dive Team. He is no stranger to diving with his father.  Alex received his first dive certification at the age of 12.

This is certainly the first of many scenes in which the two generations will get the unique opportunity to work underwater together.  This father and son share the same passion for diving, and have truly found a way to utilize their talents to serve the citizens of Houston.