Testimony from Shields of Christ participant

Tom Kennedy

HPOU President Ray Hunt recently received the following email from an officer after he attended a Shields of Christ First Responder Men’s Retreat. The offer to attend the retreat was made several times at HPOU monthly meetings and one of our members signed up.

Here is the email:

I heard the call, and after thinking and wondering to myself, I confirmed that it was for me. Last spring, I had the opportunity to say “Yes” to Jesus Christ. Everything after that has been history. I lost my old self in to a new child born in Christ.

I didn’t know how lost I was until I went to Shields of Christ First Responders Men’s retreat in San Antonio. Yes, I went to church, I was in full communion with the church, I prayed almost every day, but I was largely just skimming the surface of my spirituality.

No, my retreat did not make me a Bible worm. Nor did it make me perfect. What my retreat did for me was more than that. I was able to take off the veil that I had been wearing most of my life and really see myself with all my faults and blessings and really assess where I was as a man of God.

I was able to analyze myself from the inside into how I stood as a father, family man and a Christian. I was able to come face to face with men just like me in so many ways that struggle with life as I do. Men, who want to grow as Christian brothers. These were men who were facing their own reality as well.

I will always be grateful and humbled by the generous service the men with the Shields of Christ offered me. I continue to reap the blessings of my retreat, and I pray for the other men in our department to do as Jesus told us to do in Luke 9 …. “Follow Me.”

Jesus Christ is calling you too. The retreat for law enforcement officers and firefighters really changed my life.

Best regards,

Pedro Gonzalez