Thank You Notes to the HPOU

Tom Kennedy

Houston Police Officers Union,

I wish to thank you for your expression of sympathy with the beautiful rubber plant. I would also like to express my sincere thank you to the Houston Police Honor Guard for the beautiful ceremony at the gravesite. And thank you to chaplain officer Montgomery for the wonderful talk he gave about Charley in church.


Mildred Squyres


The family of Roy Andrew Skorupinski acknowledges with deep appreciation your kind expression of sympathy.

The Skorupinski Family



The family of Donald Allen Barnard acknowledges with deep appreciation your kind expression of sympathy.

Thank you so very much for the beautiful plant.

The Barnard Family



Thank you so much for the beautiful plant you sent to Bill’s funeral. Your kindness and sympathy will always be remembered.

Barbara Barlow

Sgt. David E. Browne



HPOU Friends,

After these numbers of years as your B&G editor, who would have thought I would be writing you all a Thank You Note for a plant?

I was in the hospital last month for a diabetic problem and “they” discovered cancer on my bladder. The doc said it was in its earliest stages and “we can burn it off.” He did the job and I’m “back to normal,” thanks to his work and our Good Lord.

I appreciate your thoughtfulness, which, I’m proud to say, is evident in every edition of your magazine!

God bless each and every “Houston Blue” officer!

My best,

Tom Kennedy


Thanks Guys,

Your love and kindness have brought us so much comfort during this very sad time. With grateful hearts, we will always remember your kind expression of sympathy.

The Family of Raymond Frederick Crellin

Retired S. P. Kerry Crellin

Current P. O. Michel Crellin



Thank you for the beautiful plant and for the support you have shown to me and my family during this most difficult time.

God bless,

Sharon Lambert

Family of John Carlton Lambert


To All,

Thanks for your thoughts during our time of loss. Thanks for the plant as thru it he and your thoughts will live on.

Mike Henke



Thank you very much for the lovely plant that you sent for my mother’s funeral. That was an outstanding gesture which is much appreciated.


Richard Rekieta



During a time like this we realize how much our friends and relatives really mean to us. Your expression of sympathy will always be remembered. Thank you.

The Family of Jerry Clancy

Patrick and Rosa

Mark and Irene

Craig and Brenda