Thank You, Gary Hicks!

Tom Kennedy

SO MUCH TIME GOES BY WITH THE UNSUNG WORK and dedication of certain unnamed individuals that a time comes when you must provide them special recognition.

Our great friend Gary Hicks has volunteered his time – and very often the time of his wife Roselind – to travel far and wide to Austin and Washington, D. C., for example, to provide pictures of key events for HPOU and the Badge & Gun.

Please see a multitude of color shots in this issue and find numerous others online in the B&G archives. Each one was taken with the special sensitivity and care of a professional. Gary, a retired HPD officer and HPOU board member, works without compensation, an unpaid extra job he maneuvers between assignments as a deputy county constable.

Over the years the products of his skills have gotten better and better. We are fortunate to be the beneficiaries of his great talent. A huge thank you to Gary and Roselind, his better half!