Thank You Notes to the HPOU

Heidi Hlavinka

Dear HPOU,

I wanted to personally thank you for the beautiful plan that you sent in memory of William Riggs. It will bring years of enjoyment to the family as it will be reminder of him, but also a reminder that David has a second family who loves him just like we do.

Words can’t express how comforting it was to see your expression of love and sympathy when we arrived at the funeral home to such a lovely plant.

So thank you for the plant, but most of all thank you for being a family to my son David and my retired husband Jerry. It has always been a comfort to me knowing the HPOU was there if I ever needed them.

Thank you,

Terrine Riggs – AKA David’s Mom



To all my friends at HPOU,

Thank you so much for your kindness during the loss my dad. The plant was beautiful.

Thank you,

Greg Shelton and Family




Dear HPOU,

First, thank you for the hard work you all are doing! We have certainly come a long way since my first day on the job.

Second, thank you for the great retirement watch. That was very kind of you all. Be safe and God bless!


Robert T. Carr, Sr.




Dear HPOU Board of Directors,

Thank you so very much for the beautiful plant, phone calls, prayers and cards. I find it very comforting to know the department and union are still supportive to me during retirement. I truly cherish my HPD family!


The Family of Dan S. Meekins, Sr. and Cheryl Meekins Fisk