The Barn Yard Crime Stoppers – the continuing adventures Of ‘Detective Mykala,’ a recent winner in the Calf Scramble

Mykala Rodriguez

Editor’s Note: Mykala Rodriguez won a calf in the Calf Scramble at this year’s Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. The following his her update about her techniques for keeping her calf under control out at the “Barn Precinct.” See if you can figure out just who Detective Mykenzie is.)

These are the latest chapters in the adventures of Detectives Mykenzie and Mykala, who are partners in the Barn Precinct.


These detectives had been on the job for about two weeks when there were crimes committed. They were so dangerous that Chief Rankin sent out an APB and put all patrols on high alert.


So we set out in search for clues. The first clue was papers strung out all over the barn. Who would throw everyone’s paper on the floor? Then we found the second clue – clipboards of some of the goats had been chewed.


That narrowed it down to an animal, but which one? It was definitely not one of the pigs since they are all too short to reach the clipboard. Then we found hoof prints that are too small to be a cow’s.


Here is a “barn shot” of the two detectives after a hard day.
Here is a “barn shot” of the two detectives after a hard day.

So that left the lambs and goats. But then all of a sudden there he was, Mikey, the craziest goat in the barn. Detective Mykenzie and I corralled him and locked him back in his cell.


Later that day Chief Rankin sent out another APB on a runaway steer in the precinct. He was standing in front of the barn doors that were held open by bungee cords. Obviously it was a prison break. But no worries Big Mack was apprehended and put back in his cell before he could hurt anyone.


Now let’s go on to the next adventurous chapter.


In our last chapter – which covered events that happened in the month of June, Detective Mykenzie was able to get the crime perpetrators under control and back in their cell.


It was a hot July evening in the recreation pasture when I, Detective Mykala Rodriguez, let Detective Mykenzie inside this location for the night. All the steers and Heifers were there, including Momma Blonde and her Baby Brownie, which are Santa Gertrudis by breed.

Being the true detective, she was on the lookout and not a moment too soon. The detective looked up from eating hay to see one of the biggest steers heading toward the baby in a stampede fashion.

Detective Mykenzie jumped into action and ran to stand between the baby and the steer and just as the steer reaches her Detective Mykenzie head butted him right away and scared him away.

He ran back to his corner of the recreation pasture and stayed the rest of the night. The two detectives sat down, kept watch and moo-talked the rest of their shift.

Please stay tuned for our next exciting chapters.