The Biography of Mary Nan Huffman, Republican candidate for District Attorney

Mary Nan Huffman is the experienced choice for Harris County. She’s a mom, not a politician and a smart tough prosecutor. She is uniquely positioned to return the rule of law to Harris County and rebuild a broken and dysfunctional district attorney’s office and restore predictability and dependability. We deserve better than what they’re getting now.

The candidate, a member of the HPOU Legal Staff for a year and a half, was singled out in the March general membership meeting as the Union’s officially endorsed candidate against incumbent DA Kim Ogg. Both HPOU President Joe Gamaldi and PAC Chair and Past President Ray Hunt touted Huffman as a worthy professional prosecutor better suited to be the Harris County DA.

Mary Nan grew up with her four siblings in the North Texas town of Denton. Huffman watched her parents get involved in local Republican politics and learned from an early age the importance of public service.

She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Political Science degree and attended St. Mary’s School of Law. While in law school, she worked at the Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office and developed a passion for criminal prosecution.

Mary Nan served as a prosecutor in the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office rising quickly to become the Chief Prosecutor in the Child Exploitation Division and over the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Division.

She worked under DA Brett Ligon, who highly recommended her to become a part of his “alma mater,” HPOU Legal.

During her time as Chief of Child Exploitation she prosecuted a wide range of internet-related crimes committed against children: child human trafficking, the possession, production and promotion of child pornography, child sexual assault and  any other case involving the sexual exploitation of children online and directed the work of multi-agency task forces from federal, state, and local agencies.

apriHuffman’s work as a prosecutor of child exploitation cases has earned criminal conviction yielding 11 life sentences and four 99-year sentences. She has earned a national reputation and is sought after as a special prosecutor for difficult child exploitation prosecutions.

Mary Nan has been married to Eli Huffman III for 11 years and they attend St. Cecilia Catholic Church. They have two young sons.

Huffman wants her children to grow up in a safe place and believes everyone deserves to feel safe. Huffman loves Harris County and thinks it’s one of the greatest, friendliest places to live, but believes our hospitality shouldn’t extend to people who commit violent crimes.