The HPOU PAC endorses…

Tom Kennedy, Editor

This is a Houston city election year, the time for HPOU members and their families to rally support for the candidates who have the interests of the Houston Police Department and its officers at the top of their priority list.

True to form, the HPOU Political Action Committee has been regularly screening candidates for mayor, City Council, city controller and a few other non-city-government-related positions now before the voters. In some cases, we were familiar with their records and no screening sessions were necessary.

The time has come to educate ourselves as voters in the effort to choose the best candidates for elective offices, especially those in which their every political move or vote affect police officers. The PAC adheres to a policy of endorsing “friendly incumbents” who we can count on to support what’s best for HPD officers. Due to term limits, some races are open for new political blood. The PAC has picked what it considers to be the best candidates in those contested races. In some other contests, the PAC will wait to endorse in the runoff election, which is usually in early December.

According to HPOU PAC tradition, campaign contributions are generally made to endorsed candidates. Please consider this yet another reminder to be part of HPOU PAC through your contributions with paycheck deductions – a practice already undertaken by thousands of Union members.

Here is the HPOU PAC’s selections in the Nov. 5 election:

Mayor—Sylvester Turner

Controller—Chris Brown

City Council

District A—Amy Peck

District C—Rodney Hill

District E—Dave Martin

District G—Greg Travis

District H—Karla Cisneros

District I—Robert Gallegos

District J—Barry Curtis

District K—Martha Castex-Tatum

At-Large, Position 1—Mike Knox

At-Large, Position 2—David Robinson

At-Large, Position 3—Michael Kubosh

At-Large, Position 5—Sallie Alcorn

Houston Independent School District

Position 4 Trustee—Matthew Barnes

Houston Community College

District 2 Trustee—Brendon Singh