The HPOU/police foundation Level 4 vest purchasing And Let’s Pray Texas efforts are truly morale boosting

Tom Kennedy

SOMETIMES IT FEELS LIKE THE GOOD GUYS ARE WINNING. Two ongoing crusades launched by the Houston Police Officers Union offer encouragement to us officers who are performing dangerous tasks no one wants to do and too many people take for granted.

We refer to the newly launched “Let’s Pray Texas” campaign, a statewide “pray for law enforcement officers” effort led by the HPOU. And that’s not the only worthy campaign afloat. In the wake of the Dallas police tragedies, it became obvious that all Houston patrol officers were in need of Level 4 bullet-proof vests for protection against the strongest ammunition known to domestic terrorists.

HPOU, under the guidance and leadership of 2nd Vice President Joe Gamaldi, offered up $15,000 for the initial purchase of vests without going through the tedious city purchasing process. Officers, especially those in Patrol, know the time is sooner rather than later to get this extra protection. The Texas Police Trust matched that amount and the ever-reliable Houston Police Foundation also contributed enough to the amount needed to acquire 400 vests.

As soon as they arrive in early fall, Patrol officers will be issued those vests with the purchase of more of the same in the near offing.

Houston officers not only have new vests, they also have more and more prayers.

Let’s Pray Texas, a state- and perhaps nationwide effort sparked by HPOU 1st Vice President Doug Griffith, spotlights an Oct. 19 joint prayer event across the state. In Griffith’s words, “We are calling upon all organizations to come together, as a unified group, to support Law Enforcement, the community, and the Leadership of the State of Texas. Our vision is one of unification, not only among law enforcement agencies but also within the communities in which we serve.”

As members of HPOU know, officers need all the prayers they can get on a daily basis. Griffith said the Union is asking every law enforcement agency across Texas to have a special “Let’s Pray Texas” event on or around Sept. 19 by reaching out to local clergy and city leaders. Also, a 1 p.m. statewide prayer event is being urged “at your local city hall or union hall, in conjunction with a prayer on the steps of the State Capitol in Austin.”

This statewide prayer service will include a citizen praying for law enforcement officers, a police officer praying for the community and clergy praying for the state of Texas as well as state leaders, most of whom support the HPOU and other officers with the strongest dedication possible in these times.

To summarize the probable results of these two righteous efforts: bulletproof prayers! bulletproof!