The World Series Celebration parade brought out the best in the city and the best in the Department

Tom Kennedy

WE LOVE TO USE BASEBALL ANOLOGIES TO DESCRIBE THE work of the Houston Police Department – especially when they are fun.

Let’s begin by saying the score for the bad guys during the first World Series Championship parade in Houston history was the following: No runs, no hits and no errors.

HPD officers on the scene of this great celebration had no “run-ins” with the type of thoughtless rowdies who have initiated such shenanigans during parade celebrations as looting and, say, turning over a police car or two.

There was no resort to violence resulting from too many celebratory drinks at the sports bar. So we can safely say NO HITS!

We had our guard up and it worked well. There were no serious terroristic threats that – as we know from recent history – frequently happen when great crowds gather. We were on guard and had a safety plan that worked. NO ERRORS.

The real ZERO score that all Houstonians can be very proud of – in addition, of course, to bursting with pride in the best team in the world, the Houston Astros – is the fact that there were NO ARRESTS MADE of parade attendees.

Baseball is known for its detailed record-keeping and close attention to the minutest statistical analysis down to every inch or foot, fastball speed or curve ball angle. To that end, we don’t know if any previous police force could match this awesome number after their World Series parade – but we doubt it!