Three officers share Patrol Officer of the Month honor

Tom Kennedy

The HPOU named three officers as Patrol Officers of the Month for their actions taken to prevent a suicide. The honor was announced in the May general membership meeting.

Sgt. Edwin Brzymialkiewicz nominated the three – Officers Horace Scott, J. Huckabee and J. Caldwell. The sergeant gave the following account in his nomination.

At 4:29 a.m. on March 16, Huckabee and Caldwell arrived at a Berry Road overpass over the Hardy Toll Road where an adult male had scaled the protective fence, climbed to the outside and was threatening to jump to the toll road about 40 feet below.

“Officers Huckabee and Caldwell immediately exited their patrol car and jumped onto the guardrail below the fence,” Brzymialkiewicz said. “They were each able to reach over the top of the fence and grab ahold of the man’s wrists.

“At that time the man went limp, causing the officers to be the only thing stopping him from falling to almost certain death below, if not from the fall, then from the traffic on the roadway.”

Officer Scott had been on the Hardy Toll Road looking for the complaint. He quickly responded to assist Officers Huckabee and Caldwell. When he arrived, Officers Huckabee and Caldwell were struggling to hold the individual.

“Officer Scott joined them and the three were able to hoist the man just high enough that they could secure his wrists to the top rail of the fence with handcuffs to keep him from falling off the bridge,” the sergeant said.

“The three officers continued to hold on to and support the individual with the aid of additional arriving units, until HFD arrived with a ladder and assisted in pulling him back to safety.”
“It is clear that but for the quick actions on the part of Officer Huckabee, Officer Caldwell and Officer Scott, this individual could have successfully carried out his suicide.”