Union goes two extra steps in the ongoing mission of Undies for Everyone to help truly needy kids

Tom Kennedy

For the past two years the HPOU has fully and dutifully supported a Houston-based group entitled Undies for Everyone. This year the Union has gone far beyond this group’s call of duty.

Undies for Everyone (UFE) collects and distributes underwear to underprivileged Houston students, using information from teachers and school nurses and distributing them by either providing them directly to the students or through the nurses at low income schools when a student shows an immediate need.

UFE began in 2008 and has distributed more than 250,000 pair of underwear, believing that “clean underwear keeps children in the classroom and bullies at bay.”

The group operates under the belief that “Everyone deserves the basic dignity of clean underwear.”

HPOU has underscored that belief with its contributions that this year included 15,000 pairs of underwear, according to HPOU 2nd Vice President Joe Gamaldi.

Gamaldi said the Union has taken these determined efforts several steps further in Houston.

The Union has provided backpacks with its donated underwear to the needy kids and also has included in the backpack food from the Houston Food Bank.

A large group of volunteer Union members gathered at the Union Building recently to prepare the backpacks for distribution through Undies for Everyone.

“We are truly targeting the extremely underprivileged kids who don’t even have money for food,” Gamaldi said. “These will go to the kids identified through the Houston Independent School District as being the neediest.

“Not only will these kids get a backpack and underwear, they also will get food.”

For further information about Undies for Everyone, go to info@undiesforeveryone.org.