Union honors Patrol Officers Sweet and Schlottmann

Tom Kennedy

On May 28, Officers J. Sweet and D. Schlottmann were assigned to IAH in Terminal C. Both officers were inside the HPD Terminal C checkpoint box, located at 3500 N. Terminal Rd. At 1949 hours, the manager of “The Local” (restaurant) frantically approached the officers to inform them that an elderly male was on the floor and another citizen was administering chest compressions.

Officer Sweet and Schlottmann immediately went to the scene and requested HFD. Officer Schlottmann remained at the scene, while Officer Sweet retrieved the defibrillator located directly outside the restaurant. The citizen continued to administer chest compressions, while the officers set up the AED.

The pads were placed on the heart attack victims chest and a shock was administered due to no reading of a pulse. The citizen began chest compressions while officer Sweet was giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. CPR was continued on the victim for approximately 10 minutes and this individual was shocked five times.

Officer Sweet noticed a pulse, so the chest compressions were stopped, and rescue breathing was administered for approximately five minutes. HFD No. 63 arrived and took over the medical duties, connecting the EKG monitor. Officer Sweet stepped back and assisted Officer Schlottmann with crowd control. The semi-conscious victim was transported to North East Medical hospital by HFD.

Officers spoke to the victim’s wife, who was very thankful for their quick actions. Officers learned the victim (Raymond Doying, age 84) had just returned from a seven-day ship cruise.

The citizen who applied the chest compressions  was a special operation medic in the military. Officers were unable to gather his information because he was late catching his flight.