Union names Von Quintus Patrol Officer of the Month

The HPOU honored Officer Dennis Von Quintus as Patrol Officer of the Month in its September general membership meeting.

Union board member Luis Menendez-Sierra detailed Von Quintus’ stop to check a suspicious vehicle parked on a vacant. He was on routine patrol at the time. When the officer ordered the occupants out of the vehicle, a female jumped out and screamed, “He’s raping me! He’s raping me!”

Von Quintus arrested the suspect and learned from the victim that she had been beaten, choked and tased before being sexually assaulted. Upon checking for the suspect’s ID in the vehicle, Von Quintus found property which had been taken in an earlier aggravated robbery.

“This same vehicle was also listed as suspicious from an aggravated sexual assault from the previous week in which another young woman was abducted and assaulted,” Menendez-Sierra said. “Officer Von Quintus thoroughly documented the scene and supplemented all of the cases this suspect was involved with after booking him in jail,” having eventually charging him with aggravated sexual assault.

Sgt. Menendez-Sierra cited Officer Von Quintus’ diligence, dedication and attention to detail as probably removing “a likely serial rapist and armed robber” from the streets of Houston. He said it was “just a small sample of all the work he has done throughout the years and warrants him being named the HPOU Officer of the Month.”