Union recognizes Officer Sarah Wyatt for work Leading to removing child predator from streets

Tom Kennedy

The HPOU presented its monthly Investigator of the Month award to Officer SarahWyatt of the Special Victims Division in the Union’s June general membership meeting.

Officer Wyatt is assigned to the Special Victims Division, Houston Metropolitan Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. Officer Wyatt was participating in a nationwide initiative targeting underage Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation and was monitoring an online chat group on a social media application when she was messaged privately. Officer Wyatt advised that she had an eight-year-old daughter and the suspect stated that he would like to have sexual intercourse with her daughter.

Through the use of the mobile application, Officer Wyatt was able to get the suspect to meet her at an agreed upon location so that he could have sex with this young girl. The suspect advised that he would bring his girlfriend’s one-year-old son to the meet so that they could all partake in the sexual activities.

The suspect advised Officer Wyatt that he was also taking care of a five-year-old he would like to bring but he was scared the child would talk and get him in trouble so he was going to leave him at home. The suspect sent Officer Wyatt naked photos of the five-year-old child. The suspect showed up to the scene with the one-year-old child and a diaper bag containing condoms, flavored lubricants, and sex dice. The suspect was detained without incident and the child was secured. Officers then headed to the suspect’s residence and were able to secure the five-year-old child who had been left home alone.

The suspect was interviewed and he admitted to chatting with Officer Wyatt and setting up the meeting. The Fort Bend prosecutor who was on scene accepted charges of Attempted Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, Solicitation of the Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child, Promotion of Child Pornography, and Conspiracy to Commit Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.

Due to Officer Wyatt’s unique skill set and training she was able to get a dangerous child predator off the streets.

“I commend her for her dedication to her work and for always placing the safety of our community and children first,” Capt. D. Angelo of the Special Victims Division said.

“If it was not for Officer Wyatt and the work ICAC does on a daily basis, more children would be victims of sexual exploitation and abuse,” Angelo said. “Officer Wyatt did not only save the one-year-old child the suspect brought to the scene but also countless possible future victims.

“For that reason I want to commend Officer Wyatt for her actions that night and her continued commitment to the citizens of Houston and believe she deserves to be recognized.”