Union selects Officers Tallant and Martin As latest Patrol Officers of the Month

Tom Kennedy

HPOU honored Officers J. Tallant and R. Martin as Patrol Officers of the Month at the January general membership meeting.

Sgt. Luis Menendez-Sierra, a Union board member, laid out the reasons why these two officers deserved this honor:

About 1 a.m. last June 5, Officers J. Tallant and R. Martin responded to a burglary of a business in progress. The officers arrived and saw the suspects fleeing the scene and pursued after them on foot and were able to apprehend one suspect, who was arrested and charged.

During the investigation at the scene, evidence of more planned burglaries came to light in the form of a list of locations that were to be burglarized, listing the current location as the first business. There was also paperwork found in the suspect’s vehicle that showed that the suspects that the officers had chased were labeled as “master thieves,” contractual agreements to become “professional thieves” and a list of requirements for being a “master thief.”

The other suspect’s information was found inside the U-Haul van that had been rented and was partially loaded with the complainant’s tools and frozen food while outside the van was approximately $30,000 worth of tools and equipment from a nearby business that was waiting to be loaded.

Thanks to these two officers’ quick response and the concerted effort by other arriving officers, one suspect was apprehended, another was identified and soon to be arrested, and the complainant’s property was returned to a very thankful business owner who stated that his business would have been “wiped out” had the officers not been there to catch the criminals.