Weiche named Patrol Officer of the Month

HPOU honored Officer C. Weiche of Midwest Patrol as Patrol Officer of the Month at the February general membership meeting.

Union board member Luis Menendez-Sierra presented the award and detailed Weiche’s work.

Officer Weiche responded to a welfare check in regards to a possible suicidal female. The officer arrived at the location and found there was no answer at the door. He felt he needed to do more and that a person’s life was possibly at stake.

“He gathered a key from management but found that a top dead bolt lock had been placed that could not be opened with the key,” Menendez-Sierra said. “He at that point knew someone was in the apartment and was possibly in danger to herself. He decided that the only source of action was to make forced entry.

“Upon entering the apartment he observed the lights to be off and no one to be around. He continued to the bathroom and opened the door at which time an outstretched hand came out.

“The officer entered and found a female hanging from her neck attempting to commit suicide. He quickly cut the rope from which the female was hanging and got her to the ground. He then noticed that the complainant was still not breathing and that the rope had been tied around her neck several times.”

The officer then loosened the rope around the female’s neck and restored the female’s breathing. The female was upset her life had been saved and was then transported to the hospital for treatment.

Menendez-Sierra said, “There was something in the officer’s gut that told him to make forced entry. You can call it intuition, good police work or whatever you want to call it but on that it saved the life of a Houston citizen.”