With gratitude, from our members…

Editorial Staff


We are so honored to be associated with a fine organization as you all. The plant was so thoughtful. Thank you and God Bless.

The Charles Niemeier Family

To the Houston Police Officers’ Union,

Thank you so much for the lovely plant that you sent in memory of my husband John. There were many fellow policemen at his service on Wednesday and that meant the world to me. His friends from HPD knew him better than anyone, and it was both an honor and a privilege to have the Police Department represented throughout the service. John would have been so proud to know that his comrades were there to support both him and me. Thank you again for all of your support. I am forever grateful.


Carol Hake

Dear Houston Police Officers’ Union,

I want to personally thank you for sponsoring Jade’s Ball. With your support, we are one step closer to finding a cure for childhood cancer. We are truly appreciative of your partnership for supporting the Blue family.


Vicky Bridier (The Cure Starts Now)


On behalf of our family and my self, I would like to thank many: Nelson Foehner and crew of the Family Assistance Committee for being there for us. Jennifer Smesny of the Peer Support Unit for all of her assistance during and after our beloved husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather, Albert H. Pivonka’s death. The Honor Guard is always so impressive, as are Chaplain Montgomery’s comments. The presentation of the Memorial plaque by Rick Hartley was so touching. The azalea plant is beautiful. The presentation by Steve Benavides, Commander of VFW Post 6010. The day could not have been more beautiful weather-wise. Thanks again to all for participating and being a part of his service, your love and support will never be forgotten.


LaVerne E. Pivonka and family

Your kind expression of sympathy is deeply appreciated and gratefully acknowledged by the family of Charles LeBlanc. The flowers were lovely. Thank you for the support of our son, Ben.

Shellie LeBlanc

Dear Houston Police Officers’ Union,

Thank you so much for selecting me to be one of the scholarship recipients this year. I am super excited to pursue a Marketing degree in the Honors College at the University of Houston. Thank you so much for making this dream possible for me as well as many others!

Trent Holub

Thank you for the scholarship and everything you do for my family.

Harley Huey