Zane Brumley and Matt Althaus honored for their investigative work in shooting of two-year-old boy

Editorial Staff
Lt. Anthony Herrera, right, presented Investigators of the Month honors to Officers Zack Brumley and Matt Althaus, alongside Commander J. G. Bryant, all of the Major Assaults and Family Violence Division. Photo by Gary Hicks

HPOU recognized Detectives Zane Brumley and Mathew Althaus as Investigators of the Month for their “tireless” work to apprehend the suspects in the Jan. 20 shooting of a two-year-old boy. The honor was presented in the November general membership meeting.

Lt. Anthony G. Herrera of the Major Assaults and Family Violence Division briefed the membership on the case, which began with the report of the assault of the youngster to the South Gessner Division.

The little boy was shot in the face and the buttocks as he played in the backseat of his mother’s vehicle. The victim was rushed to the hospital.

Lt. Herrera said Brumley and Althaus immediately undertook the investigation to determine the identity of the shooters. “In a mere matter of days, the officers were able to identify, obtain confessions and charge two registered gang members,” the lieutenant said.

“The two shooters were responsible for this heinous act against our two-year-old complainant. The assistant district attorneys accepted aggravated assault – SBI to a child on both suspects as well as aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, again on both suspects.”

During the investigation officers learned a witness in the case was being threatened via social media. Their investigation resulted in charges of tampering with a witness being filed against a third suspect.

Referring to the work of Brumley and Althaus, Lt. Herrera said, “These officers worked collaboratively and in concert, as an efficient and effective team while exhibiting dedication, wit, professionalism, and zeal in the performance of their duties.

“Furthermore, the goals and mission of the Houston Police Department were exemplified through the adept actions of these officers.”